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Inauguración de nuestras oficinas en Sitges

Official opening of new offices in sitges

On the 27th of January this year we celebrated the opening of our new office in sitges, carretera de les costes, 23.

Emprender es posible

undertake new challenges is possible!

An article on Enrique Campillo was written and published in this book with regard to the huge success lowcost decoration experienced in the first year.

Defínete bien como profesional

Define yourself as a professional?

An interview with Enrique Campillo in the magazine “Emprendedores”

Publicación en el Bloc de Omatech

A spread from Omatech blog page.

The new offices revealed!

Articulo sobre low cost decoration en EMPRENDEDORES

Low cost decoration article in EMPRENDEDORES

The Magazine EMPRENDEDORES (June 2011 - page 70) published an article about low cost decoration. You can read it here:

Decorando Low Cost

Decorating Low Cost

Carlos Blanco, Founding of the ITnet Group, have dedicated a post to us in his blog.

Nuria Marin, alcaldesa de Hospitalet, visita las oficinas de ITnet

Nuria Marin, mayoress of Hospitalet, visit the offices of ITnet

More information:

Grupo ITnet estrena oficinas.

Grupo ITnet

The Itnet offices had the opening of there newly decorarted and modernised offices in February this year, low cost decoration were responsible for the amazing transformation.